2018 Liberation Seder held in the Big Hall, New Vision United Church, Hamilton

When: Monday, April 2, 2018 @ 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm
Location: New Vision United Church Big Hall, 24 Main St.West, Hamilton
Price: $20 (more if you can, less if you can't)
Tickets can be purchased online through the Order Tickets page. You can also purchase tickets in Westdale at Bryan Prince Bookseller, 1060 King Street West, (Cash Only) or downtown at The Nook Cafe, 6, 2 Bold St (Cash Only).

Please note: Grape juice (fruit of the vine) will be included for the ritual part of the Seder. Do to unforeseen licensing requirements, we will not be able to serve wine.

Three wonderful Liberation Seders for 2018 Passover dedicated to a free Palestine and the liberation of all peoples – one in Hamilton, one in London and one in Toronto

The Seder will be held in the Big Hall/Room a space at the New Vision United Church.

All three Seders will have the reading of the Haggadah followed by a vegetarian Middle Eastern dinner.

We suggest you have a late lunch or a pre-seder snack as the main course will not begin until about 8:30.

We are also delighted to offer childcare at this year Seder. Please contact us in advance if you plan on bring a child that requires this service.

About this Year's Seder

This year's Seder will remember the Nakba and Land Day. We are pleased to annouce that Rabbi David Mivasair has kindly agreed to return to Hamilton to lead this years Seder.

Rabbi David Mivasair is motivated by the commandments "justice, justice you shall pursue" and "seek peace and pursue it".  For over 25 years, David served as the spiritual leader of synagogues in the US and in Vancouver, where he lives.  David is active in the leadership of Independent Jewish Voices in Canada and Jewish Voice for Peace in the US.  He lived in Israel for four years and in May went with 130 other Jews to support Palestinian activists defending their communities from destruction.

Definitions of "Passover" and "Liberation Seder"

We offer the following definitions of "Passover" and "liberation seder": At Passover ("Pesach" in Hebrew), Jewish families celebrate with a ritual family dinner at which the story of the liberation of the ancient Hebrews from oppression in the land of Egypt ("Mitzrayim"), is recited. Seder means "order"—the order of the meal and ritual of Pesach that Jews all over the world have participated in for centuries. It is customary among Jews to invite guests, both Jewish and non-Jewish, to join their Passover celebration.

Our Liberation Seder draws on the legacy of Rabbi Akiva who used the Pesach Seder to plan a revolutionary struggle against the Romans, and of the many Jews in every generation who have used the Seder for political purposes, including the Partisans of the Warsaw Ghetto who began their revolt on the first night of Pesach, not only because the tactical need of the moment, but also because their understanding of the meaning of the Passover story.

As Jews committed to current liberation struggles, we enact this ritual to honour our history of resilience and participation in diverse movements for human emancipation across time. The ritual of the Seder gives us an opportunity to contend not only with legacies of oppression but also with current suffering that we survive, that we perpetrate and in which we are complicit.

Our Seder is dedicated to a free Palestine and the liberation of all peoples.

Underwriters, Endorsers, Sponsors, Partners and Community Friends:

Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East - Hamilton; Hamilton Coalition to Stop the War; International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network (IJAN) - Canada; Independent Jewish Voices (IJV) - Hamilton; NION Canada; Palestinian Association of Hamilton; People for Peace, London; Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights (SPHR) - McMaster; Stop the JNF – Canada; The Nook Cafe; Women in Solidarity with Palestine